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An integrated and multidisciplinary individual support service, with the aim of a fully personalized focus to the client’s goals, whether to optimize body composition, health or well-being. The programme includes counselling in nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, based on a prior and multifactor diagnosis. With experience in advanced and continuous training, the team ensures every effort to explain the programme and the objectives set to customer, integrating him actively throughout the process to ensure his adherence and autonomy.

The service includes:

Body composition assessment
Body composition assessment is a powerful tool for diagnosis and monitoring of results. More important than body weight or the overall percentage of fat mass is that fat distribution on the body. The correlation between the fat in certain areas and a hormonal / metabolic profile is known. For instance, the abdominal region is associated with a cardio metabolic profile risk, which results in a greater likelihood of developing cardiovascular disorders and diabetes. Some hormonal disorders are also on the basis of certain fat distribution patterns. An exhaustive assessment of the regional fat distribution will be useful to identify the individual characteristics of the costumer, as well as the continuous impact of the programme implemented. In physiology consultations it will be obtained the overall anthropometric data, such as the fat mass by bioimpedance, the perimeters of interest in diagnosis, and the skin folds.

Diagnosis and metabolic optimization
In this consultation, based on the initial assessment, history, complementary diagnosis exams and the client objectives, it will result recommendations about supplementation and lifestyle, as well as an expert opinion for the elaboration of the food plan, fully personalized. But more than that, it is the moment in which the entire programme is explained to the costumer, raising awareness towards the objectives of each recommendation and his starting point. The primary goal is the customer autonomy and to arm him with tools to cope with the daily situations.

Personalized nutritional plan
The nutritional plan will be developed by a credited professional and based on previous diagnosis, fully customized to the customer’s needs and lifestyle. Food supplementation is not always necessary, but in many cases has its uses to achieve the goals established. In these situations it is important to supplement consciously, with safety and efficiency guarantees. The team with extensive experience in this field ensures to be aware of the latest scientific developments and evidence, complementary to an understanding about the industry of supplements and quality control.

Physical exercise and lifestyle recommendations
A healthy lifestyle and great results is not just about the diet. A whole set of internal and external factors have an influence on our health and body composition. Remember the sleep example. It is also impossible to implement a full strategy of health promotion without regular physical activity, and preferably structured. Therefore, we ensure a holistic and integrated approach that meets the client’s needs and goals, with the possibility of working with personal trainers and other exercise professionals when that monitoring already exists. The exercise prescription is also a service provided by Metabolic Edge with the additional cost of the physical and postural evaluation session.


Athletes who aim to optimize their athletic performance and fitness enthusiasts who wish to improve performance and body composition.
The team has an extensive experience in sports nutrition, body composition and performance, either in monitoring the, recreational or competitive, athletes or in advanced training for field professionals (nutritionists, personal trainers, doctors, among others). Always ensuring in person support, monitoring of the client evolution and adjusting the programme accordingly to the individual needs and inherent to the training cycle.

Weight and body fat loss
Body recomposition is one of the focuses of these consultations, whether referring to experienced or beginners athletes or sedentary individuals. Here the counselling will be made accordingly to the specificity of each case, but always with the promotion of healthy habits of diet and lifestyle, without ever forgetting the physical activity as a promotor of health.

Health and special populations
A good body composition is a sign of health, although “healthy” is not always synonymous with thinness. An optimal muscle / fat ratio is an indicator of a healthy metabolism, good sensitivity to insulin and a perfect hormonal balance. But unfortunately the disease or metabolic disorders are often part of our lives and strategies are needed to manage them in the best way possible or even eventually to eradicate them definitively.


For more information about consultations or appointments please contact us through our form, or by email

Online consultations
At this moment on-site consultations are limited to the Lisbon region. However, the services of Metabolic Edge include online consulting via Skype. For more information please contact us via the form available here.

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